No meat, just proteins

Finally an app that combines vegetarian cooking with protein rich foods for active people

Available on App Store, coming soon on Google Play

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The Idea

It’s all very simple, really

Do you feel that a world of a thousand vegetarian cooking resources, the lack of focus on high-protein recipes is frustrating? Are you trying to balance a vegetarian lifestyle with a physically active one and need a greater repetoir of good, easy and tasty meals? Then GreenGrams might be the thing you were looking for.

The features

Recipes, recipes, recipes….

Over 70 main courses, breakfasts, sweets, snacks and specials for a complete diet suitable for everyday life as well as special occasions

You can’t fail

All recipes include easy to follow instructions, list of ingredients and nutrient contents per serving

Adapt to your needs

Adjust portion sizes and number of servings, or set your own profile based on your diet, eating habits and workout goals

Have a taste

Not conviced? Here are a few sample recipes for you to try


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